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Matson & Associates (M&A) is an environmental forensics and consulting firm. Dr. Matson founded M&A to provide expert witnessing and consulting services to attorneys on environmental contamination cases. He has given testimony in over 100 cases and has worked in the profession for nearly 40 years. M&A has worked on behalf of community groups and corporations; municipalities and individuals. Because we’ve accrued a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field, we created this course to assist others in becoming successful expert witnesses.

Effective Expert Witness Short Course

Online short course
features insights from
experts in litigation;

Dr. Jack V. Matson, Founder
Matson & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Terry Melton, Laboratory Director
Mitotyping Technologies

Dr. Mark Hermanson,
Environmental Chemist
Hermanson & Associates, LLC

Dr. Ann Greeley, Senior Director
and Trial Consultant

Decision Quest

Dr. Walter P. Kilareski,
Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering

Penn State University

Jim Blackburn, Partner
Blackburn & Carter, P.C.

Wendy N. Pearson, President
Matson & Associates, Inc

This online expert witness short course was developed by Matson & Associates to provide in-depth guidance for successful expert witness preparation beginning with the pre-trial process, preparing for trial, and the courtroom drama. The self-paced course, hosted on Udemy, features seasoned expert witnesses, a practicing lawyer, and a social psychologist that specializes in witness preparation. With their diverse backgrounds and vast knowledge and experience in expert witnessing, these presenters offer advice on all aspects of the legal process. The course includes tips on how to survive motions to exclude and explores the psychology of the jury with tips on how to be an effective witness at trial.

The 5th edition of Effective Expert Witnessing by Dr. Jack V. Matson is the companion text for the course and is recommended reading. The lessons correspond to sections of book and consist of a mix of slides and videos. Each lesson ends with a quiz that provides participants the opportunity to test their comprehension of the material.

Continuing Education Credits

This course qualifies for up to 4 professional development hours (PDH) in most states. A certificate acknowledging successful completion of the course is granted to participants that complete the lessons and quizzes. For further information on qualifying continuing education credits please contact your State Board.